Silverhall is located up on the side of Mount Myrkan. It got its name from when The Cure commissioned a great hall to be there base of operations. Over the years other shops and dwellings have sprouted up and the hall has had some impressive developments made to it and it surrounded by wealth and extravagance. The tower was built as an add-on in the 11th generation.


The population of Silverhall is normally around 200. Although all races are present to some degree the population is mainly human. Even though everyone here is close to The Cure, even they don’t know what they are called or what they do. A common rumour is that they are some kind of wealthy religious cult. Because everyone in the community is quiet prosperous from them being there, no one asks questions.


Breynards Metalworks – Most heavy armour and weapons plus standard smithy supplies
Honourable Hunting Supplies – Bows, arrows and light armour
Howling Hound Alehouse – Inn
Rivatha’s Goods – Most usable goods – some magic supplies


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